From Sweden with love

Hi guys, I’m here in Bogesund hotel. I’m using a non protected wiiifi connection: I’m very surprising to have found that, but probably here is usual.
This is the second night of my job trip: it is very fatiguing, especially due to the continuous english speaking and listening (my spoken english is bad). In the morning I made many pronounce and grammatical errors and I think I create a lot of confusion. In the afternoon I improved my speaking and I obtained some good results. Luckily swedish colleagues are gentle people and they respected my difficulties.
However I hope to leave a good impression through my work. I’m happy about the results of theoretical study that occupied me in the last three weeks: the tests made here in Sweden give results according with my theory and that sounds good. I would like to continue to work closer to swedish branch and that was the first step. Second step it will be to do many and many tests conforming them to swedish standard. In fact I think that here people have excellent qualities as data collector and I like it.

About sweden I can’t tell you anything because I have seen only the sister company, the hotel and the main street of the town during the night. If you want I can tell you that chinese restaurants are different in Sweden respect Italy: menu and portions are totally different, because poeple usually eat appetizer and single dish.

Tomorrow we will have a brief brainstorming and then we will go to the airport. Kara will be back in Italy early, don’t worry.


2 thoughts on “

  1. anonimo says:

    Complimenti, Fabio, per il tuo nuovo lavoro ed approdo in Svezia, paese dove non mancano di certo i ristoranti cinesi e neppure gli strizzacervelli…
    Una curiosità, come mai, appena giunto lì, hai cominciato a pensare e a scrivere in inglese?…
    Ciao, Alfredo.

  2. IlMendicante says:

    Le vie del nubiano sono infinite.

    Comunque improvements enormi nel tuo inglese, complimenti. Una volta eri una specie di Biscardi mentre ora sei più che comprensibile.

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